Creativity Bytes

Creativity Bytes are 90-minute sessions that provide a great introduction to some of our classes and to assess interest and skill levels to help you plan your next move. Best suited for the 7-12 year age group.


Our Makerspace is unique in that we strive to allow adults and younger innovators work at the same center. We do have a separate space for more safety required equipment but our intent is to allow families be together while working on projects. Come be a part of our tech-savvy community!


Want to integrate robotics, LEGOs, 3D Printing, machines or other hands-on activities into your teacher toolset. We can provide training!


Host an event with one or more of the following...3D Printing, Robotic Games, Theme Build, Minecraft Play. Have some fun with us!

Need Help?

We have a broad range of offerings and it can be confusing. Let us help! Let us know your interests and we can send you some recommendations.