Six Oregon Boys Invent New App to Save Lives

As part of a LEGO League robotics competition, a group of elementary school aged boys needed to come up with an idea that would help people during a natural disaster. Their brainstorming led them to develop iRescue, an app which can turn any smartphone into a beacon for help.

15 Year Old's Amazing Foot Feat

How many times have you found yourself frustrated by a cell phone battery that's down to its last minutes? Wouldn't it be great to be able to recharge it by simply walking?

Scientists Use LEGO Blocks to Study Plants

They're not just for kids! Researchers at Iowa State University came up with a very simple solution for studying the effect that environmental conditions have on plant growth: LEGO bricks!

Teen Develops Prototype Software to Help Detect Breast Cancer

When her cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer, teenager Brittany Wenger used her interest in neural networks - a form of artificial intelligence that learns and imitates the human brain - to begin developing a software program to analyze medical data from a biopsy.

Dad and 7-Year Old Daughter Invent Robot to Beat 'Simon' Game

Today being Father's Day, we couldn't help but be drawn to this Huffington Post story about a dad and a daughter working together to beat the popular electronic game 'Simon'. Nothing like a little quality time spent building a robot.

Teen-Run Company Turns Smartphone into Stethoscope

Add 15 year old Suman Mulumudi to the list of teen inventors who have come up with a big improvement to a somewhat outdated device. Along with his cardiologist father, Suman has created Steth IO, a stethoscope that clips to a smartphone and gives both audio and visual output of the heartbeat.

Techno Chaos Alums Compete at World Robofest

Congratulations to our Techno Chaos alums, AKA "The Big Three"! In March, they won the Robofest Qualifier held at Techno Chaos and were invited to participate at World Robofest. The event was held this past weekend at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. Teams that had advanced to World Robofest gathered together to compete using autonomous robots – programmed to act independently and not remote-controlled. The boys had a great time making friends from around the world and competing against the top teams in their age group.

Computer Coding a Vital Job Skill

At Techno Chaos we are committed to building future innovators — tech-savvy leaders who are inspired learners, problem-solvers and creators. This article discusses how programming is developing into the must-have skill for this century.

A Parent's Guide to Minecraft

Having trouble understanding your child's love for Minecraft? This recent Yahoo! Tech article, by Dan Tynan, gives a parent's perspective about learning to embrace the game.

Wearable Electronics Could One Day Run on Body Heat

Check out this article discussing the latest development from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology: a small, flexible patch that converts body heat into electricity.

National Robotics Week

April 5-13, 2014 is the fifth annual National Robotics Week, and Techno Chaos is ready to celebrate robotics technology!

Teen Invents Artificial Arm Powered by Brain Waves

When his relative in India lost both arms in an accident, 15 year old Shiva Nathan was inspired improve upon the prosthetic arms she was using.


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