Animation, Game Design, Concept Art, & Programming

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90 minutes / weekly session

Learn how to design all kinds of games with professional animator, web designer, and game designer Shaun D. McMillan, the creator of the ALLIANCE Megagame. Students will learn both game art, game mechanics through designer board games, and game programming through the game development software, Game Maker Studio. Shaun studied Animation and Media Arts at the Art Institute of California and provides drawing lessons, animation lessons, and digital illustration lessons for students who are more artistic. Students who are better with computers can do learn to create pixel art and video games through programming. All students will learn how to design games and make them more fun by playing and analyzing designer board game mechanics. 

"ALLIANCE" Political Science Megagame Simulation

Below is an example of a megagame I designed together with my game design students. This game has taken off and is now being held as 4 hour events at universities! The last event was at University of Houston, and the next will be held at Rice University during the Owl Con gaming convention!


The various topics we will cover are listed out below. All students will be given the opportunity to learn the basics of each lesson, but will choose which they want to pursue further. For example, more artistic students may choose to spend more time with digital illustration after learning the fundamentals of drawing while another student may choose to spend more time with programming. In the end one student might create and illustrate a character while another student develops a game using the first student's art. Each will know the basics of what the other is doing, but work using their individual strengths or interests lie. Everything done in class can be continued at home as long as they have a computer. 

Shaun D. McMillan

Mr. Shaun D. McMillan is a professional animator, illustrator, web & graphic designer, and game designer! These days he takes joy in designing fun experiences for the classroom, which is what lead him to develop such games as ALLIANCE, the political science megagame for students. Always learning new approaches to education, he is utilizing project based learning, design thinking, and learning through play to help students develop their unique creative potential in collaboration with a team of peers. Simply search his name to find his artwork and collaborative projects all over the internet.
Key Features
Good for both students who like to draw, and students who prefer to program instead
Great for creative students who love to do projects
Perfect for students who love to work in teams
Fundamentals of Drawing and Thinking Visually
Character Design - Sketch, 3D Model, & 3D Print an original character
Recreational Math & Game Theory
Game Mechanics - Design your own Board/Card Game
Paper Prototypes and Game Testing
Play "ALLIANCE" Collaborative Political Science Simulation
Computer Logic & Programming
Digital Illustration & Digital Painting
Pixel Art
Game Maker Studio - Learn to develop your own video games
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