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Techno Chaos

Jeanette Breton

Jeanette is a technologist, maker educator consultant and maker. Together with her husband, Mike Hinkle, her mission is to inspire learning and innovating in communities.   Along with owning a makerspace for five years, she has been a team member for maker events such as the Houston Maker Faire, Denver Maker Faire, Maker Exhibition at Comicpalooza and lately the Gobble Squabble.    She is a member on the Nation of Maker’s Make The Data team and one of Colorado’s Ambassadors to the Nation of Makers. Jeanette is a Board Member of the Colorado Maker Hub whose mission is to connect, communicate and strengthen the Colorado maker community.   In January 2020 she founded Monumental Impact to enable and support the growing talent and passion of high school students in technology, engineering and entrepreneurship with experiences and a community of support in the Tri-Lakes area.

Jeanette and Mike have two sons currently enrolled in Lewis-Palmer 38 in Monument, Colorado.  Jeanette with her family enjoys being an entrepreneur in a business where they can apply a wide range of creative and inventive energies.  She enjoys traveling within the US with their sons when they are able to get away on vacations.  With the move to Colorado in 2017, making and entrepreneurship as a family and encouraging their sons to be life-long learners has been their family’s primary focus.

Specialization:  Technology Integration, Automation, Programming, Machine Learning, Makerspace Advisor, Engineering / Science Practices (NGSS)
Length of Experience:  14+ years in oil & gas industry, 10+ years makerspaces, 21+ years owning Chaos Busters (DBA Techno Chaos), 30+ Technology, Automation and Integrations
Industry Experience:   Energy, online trading and telecommunications industries in roles such as research technology integration, technology analyst, instructor, project / product manager and business consultant
Education:   Graduate of Texas A&M with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering.
Competitions:   Lockheed Martin HeroX Autonomous Drone Challenge (Model trained to 98% accuracy in identifying gates); SparkFun's Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC) Logistics Category (Won).
Current Project:   A sorter for my 500K plus LEGOs...currently investigating an implementation with Machine Learning, Visioning, OpenPNP, CNC 3-Axis Frame and 3D Printed manipulator.