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Gobble Squabble: An Opportunity for STEM Learning

Gobble Squabble: An Opportunity for STEM Learning

What did you say? Gobble Squabble! What is that? Gobble Squabble is a robotics event presented by the Colorado Combat Robotics Club in November in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is an inaugural event instigated by Techno Chaos in collaboration with the Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance, Bermuda eSports and the Colorado Combat Robotics Club. The event will be held on Saturday, November 23rd, at Bermuda eSports. The intent is to provide high school students a project-based learning opportunity in the areas of engineering, electronics, mechanics, robotics and strategy as a one to three person team. Students are provided their own competitive bot plastic antweight class registration at this event. In addition to their own bot class, we are working to be able to host adult bot classes in which adults are competing…some may even be their mentors! More advanced students can chose to compete in any bot class. Deadline for student teams to sign-up is November 8th, 2019. Techno Chaos will be sponsoring all the student team registrations.

*** Click here for more information about the rules for this event and guidance to help you design and build your robot. ***

Join Us for the Gobble Squabble!
Saturday, November 23rd, 2019
4697 Centennial Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Big Shout Out and Thank You to ConcealFab!

ConcealFab will be providing the 1st and 2nd Place Prizes for the Student Plastic Antweight Bot Class!! Thank you, Doc Pounds and ConcealFab for your support of this event!

Techno Chaos has seen the benefits of these fun events when they hosted various rumbles in their makerspace in Houston, Texas. The project size is doable for those with access to a 3D Printer, a set of movement components, basic soldering skills and an imagination set loose within a 3D design tool. The project size is also small enough that larger robotics teams or classes can utilize as a hands-on project with one to three students. Most students are motivated to build their own design and literally make their mark on their competitors. No harm in some robot damage, right? Especially if they are truly learning engineering, mechanics, electronics, design and strategy in a small package!

After closing our space in 2016 you are probably wondering WHY is Techno Chaos instigating a Gobble Squabble event?!? Well, after two years recuperating Cameron, our eldest, has gotten the robotics building ‘bug’ back and now Mike has committed his time to the Bearbotics FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 4068 as their Assistant Coach leading their Technical and Engineering. One of the problems with FRC is the tight build season and competition schedule between January through April. There is not much time for big learnings during the build season, but there is time in the fall for team members to build their individual skills. What better way than a fun, engaging event…with a few parts flying!?! We are highly encouraging FRC coaches to engage their team members in a fall skill building event. What better way than a fun, self-driven combat robotics event to build their skills AND to build teamwork. Even with the smaller teams on each bot you will see collaborations, intrigue and motivation as they strive to survive in the ring with their designs.

And this is not only for robotics clubs! We welcome teachers that hold classes in Engineering, Technology, Electronics or a Project Lead The Way (PLTW) class to leverage this Gobble Squabble event as a fun, reinforcement of concepts mid-way in the school year. We would encourage teachers to communicate this opportunity to their students, but we don’t expect teachers to have a budget to help student teams with supplies in this first year. The assumption is that for this first year students are funding their own projects. Techno Chaos is willing to provide a 10 minute presentation to a class of students or a group of teachers regarding what’s involved, project costs and demonstrate examples of combat bots that they can build.

We are working with Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance (PPBEA) this first year to engage business partners as mentors or sponsors for the following year. This inaugural year will be setting the groundwork for funding, networking and engagement between schools and business partners. In collaboration with PPBEA we look forward to growing the community of mentors and technology partners with school districts. To further this goal, we are asking students to identify a school representative when they register to begin this journey of connecting the PPBEA community. We are excited for the connections that are to be made! Make sure to be the first year of teams from schools to make those first connections!

If you are curious about the size of bots, you can see a recent match we have posted on YouTube:

If interested in this event, contact Jeanette Breton at or through our Contact Us, to keep abreast of the details as they rollout and/or to indicate your interest to participate. We are also looking for additional partners and sponsors for the event to be free for students participating.