To inspire making, makerspaces and project-based learning to foster community and innovation
Techno Chaos

Makerspace Coaching

Are you wanting to make a change?  We are passionate about inspiring more discovery and exploration.  We’ve done it through our own makerspace for five years and we are ready to help you.  We can be your coach as you make your change.

We feel that makerspaces enable participants to get the following foundational skills:

  • Passion for Learning:  Who can predict accurately what will happen 20 years from now? But a “switched on” mind that loves to learn will always be able to understand, adapt and master new situations.
  • Effective creativity:  The ability to imagine innovative solutions to challenging problems, and understand how to build those solutions
  • Teamwork and communication:  The most important results are now delivered in team settings and this trend will only strengthen as global cooperation and competition grows..
  • Problem analysis and solution:  A critical factor for leadership and success
  • Technology competence:  Technology will continue to shape our world, so students must be able to understand and use it to create solutions and improvements
 Capabilities & Experience  
Over 5 years experience running a makerspace with a variety of agesKnowledge of a diverse set of kits and equipment targeted for engineering and technology
Industry background to provide understanding of needsKnowledge of processes needed to maintain your space
Able to train and mentor individuals that will manage or be with student makersHave the support you need to jumpstart your makerspace
Investigate equipment and material optionsLearn what works and doesn't in your makerspace before you buy
Get advice on how to manage your makerspace