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Techno Chaos

Project Mentoring

As technology changes so do the skills that are needed to inspire your students and help make connections with the real world. We can help you learn many different maker education techniques such as robotics, arduino, 3D Printing, Minecraft, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, wearables, virtual / augmented reality or other technologies. We can offer different training implementation formats based on your needs. Lessons can be tailored based on the needs in your organization. We can use your equipment or ours based on your needs.

We have utilized many project-based learnings in our makerspace and have practiced techniques within the National Academies Press Framework for K-12 Science Education to assess these projects. This framework is the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which focuses on three dimensions of learning: Scientific and Engineering Practices; Crosscutting Concepts and Disciplinary Core Ideas. Using these dimension to integrate your lessons provide a great view into how a project can be leveraged to provide great learnings for students in a curriculum.

We can offer these services as consulting session by reviewing curriculum to assess gaps or by direct mentoring to a teacher in the classroom to help them make adjustments with the students. With the mentor service, teachers can feel comfortable about technology, project or format changes since they have an expert on-hand with the students to learn techniques and have an extra hand to work with the students on the project.

 Key Features  
Have an project-based learning expert on-hand with the studentsDirect mentoring to a teacher in the classroom
Review curriculum to assess gaps to leverage NGSS or intent with project-based learningImplement project-based learnings in the classroom that integrates with curriculum
Learn new technology and project techniques on-the-job and in your environmentImplement Scientific and Engineering Practices through Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) integration