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Techno Chaos

Technology Consulting

Either assessing a new technology or assessing how your current technology is leveraged within your organization, we can help you get on your way to busting the technology chaos! It can be daunting to figure out where to get started in a new technology. With over 50 years of expertise at hand we can help you determine the right technology programs to get started with, what equipment you will need and what roles and process you will need to put in place. Our background ranges in project with 3D printing, robotics, Internet of Things(IoT), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, programming, LEGOs, Minecraft and a wide range of evolving virtual / augmented and 360 reality technologies. We are life-long learners that are willing to dig in to any technology and implement. We can train and mentor your team as they learn the ropes and ramp up.

 Key Features  
Diverse knowledge of maker 'structure' technologies such as 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and CNCBroad range of digital technologies implemented from Minecraft, Unity, web, Android and Virtual Reality environments
Diverse knowledge of robotics kits and technologiesOver 50 years of combined technology expertise and increasing as we investigate and learn new technologies in our own projects