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The 1st Gobble Squabble killed it!

The 1st Gobble Squabble killed it!

Well, not literally, even the turkey onsite was not hurt. All of those in attendance had fun and enjoyed the battles. Some pictures [below] and videos of the event are available.  Big Shout to Doc Pounds from ConcealFab for offering prizes to first second and third place student participants. To Chris Haataja with the Colorado Combat Robotics Club for running the event. Isaac Malers for providing the competition field and Bermuda eSports hosting at their location.

As a first event we usually expect a low number of participants. As we look to next year we would like feedback and your thoughts on how we can engage more students and partners in this learning opportunity. 

The first question to ponder is “Why?“.  Why did we receive a low number of students participation? Was the fall timing just too short? Were students, parents, teachers and schools not aware of the event? Was the learning to far from skills students are learning in school? Lack of motivation? Are students too busy with other activities? Is there too much emphasis for students to achieve good grades from tests versus hands-on projects demonstrating their knowledge?  Is it too controversial with the “combat” component?

And “What?“…To enable the event for higher student participation and industry involvement, what needs to happen? What can we do to raise awareness and motivate students to participate? What can we offer teachers and schools to offer this opportunity to students? What are industry partners looking for in the event?  What is needed to build the STEM skills in students to feel confident in building a competing bot?

Send us your thoughts. Let’s see if we can engage more students next year.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jeanette & Mike

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